Erik Roberto is New York state’s top source for men’s grooming needs, a role that he has proudly held for the better part of his quarter century career in the trade. However, the true story is that Erik actually began his journey when he was just twelve years-old at a well-known barber shop called Guarious Barbershop. Erik often visited the barbershop as a child, and as he grew older, he took on many responsibilities such as cleaning the shop floor, managing the clientele list as well as various other administrative tasks. It didn’t take long before the owner Guarious, took notice of Erik’s determination as well as his consistency in performing his tasks on a daily basis and determined that Erik exhibited the qualities that would allow him to easily transition to grooming client’s hair. He spent just under a year working at Guarious with his guidance before having to move with his mother to San Pedro De Macoris where he spent an additional two years cutting hair in two other barbershops. Once he felt that he had learned all that he could he decided to open and run his own extremely successful barbershop for six years until immigrating to the United States seeking out new challenges in order to take his skills to new heights.



Jonathan Gerow is a highly accomplished SMP expert who is renowned for offering advanced Micro pigmentation techniques. Jonathan became interested in hair restoration after his mother developed cancer and suffered from massive hair loss during her treatment. While his mother was still recovering, Jonathan acquired hair restoration skills and also developed the proprietary SMP technique for treating his clients effectively. He offers advanced and accurate hair restoration procedures to provide his clients with fresh and exciting hairstyles without relying on surgery and also eliminating the need for lotions, hair clubs and wigs altogether.

As the leading provider of scalp micro pigmentation procedure, Jonathan has handled multiple hair loss cases. He understands that it isn’t easy to deal with hair loss, especially when one is losing a lot of hair on a daily basis. Having undergone the SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) procedure himself, he can easily relate with the pain and hesitation people face when dealing with hair loss. 





At JONATHAN GEROW SMP, individuals can enjoy permanent, non-surgical and affordable hair restoration procedures as and when desired.

The best part about Jonathan’s Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure is that it offers stunning results in no time! Your hair will appear natural and shiny even from a very close distance. Besides, you won’t be able to tell whether the hair follicles are real or not. Your hair would also appear beautiful to the naked eye as well as the camera.



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