Ellus Vanessa Sulbaran is Venezuelan by birth, Dominican by choice. At age 10 she developed great fine motor skills, helping her dad put together lamps, along her 7 other siblings, using precision manual tools to bond up to 1000 crystals one by one, creating the famous Chandeliers in the family business. She was always interested in highlighting the inner and outer beauty of everything she saw, especially the human being. She constantly searched for tools to beautify her friends and family, validating her passion for what she did and the natural abilities that defined her, something many of her current clients call Magic! She has been part of the Beauty and Aesthetics world for the last 9 years. 


In 2008, she learned about the benefits of the minerals of the Deal Sea of Israel, and she started offering the services for skincare in her old esthetics clinic in Naco, and for the hair in her old beauty center in Bella Vista. This resulted in great growth, which led her to merge both establishments into one intermediate location for comfortable access for both types of clients. This is how Art Beauty Lashes & Nail bar was founded in 2013.  



When performing the profiling (eyebrow design) and shading (eyebrow tint), she realized from her own experience that the shading was almost an optical illusion, since sometimes for some skins she guaranteed a duration of 10 days and for others only 2 days... without the possibility of it staying on the skin since the product was created to tint the strands of the eyebrows.

Being the only thing that existed in the market, there was no choice but to only provide that solution, even if temporarily, since it at least allowed the peace of mind to not have to apply make up to the eyebrows for a few days... 

Always a faithful believer in aesthetic and cosmetic evolution, both dermal and capillary worldwide, and a technology lover, she got what she wanted! A service that provides the peace of mind of having beautiful eyebrows without the need to apply make up every day... Creating natural effects, adapting to the needs and preferences of her clients, without forgetting the most important thing
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