How did I become a PMU artist? I was raised in the beauty industry through my Mother who has been a PMU artist for the past 20 years. I was inspired by her work, the way she knew how to bring out the best features of a woman. It’s an art combined with knowledge and creativity. I decided to follow in her footsteps and my calling became making women beautiful, the best they can be. It looked like quite a challenge, yet my enthusiasm was unquestionable that this might be the perfect profession for me. My mother witnessing my commitment and dedication, she finally offered me an internship with the following terms: ”You watch me work for a complete year while you will receive theoretical studies. If you persevere then you can start the practical training.”


Finally, I got to bring my very first live model, and the rest is history. This is how I became a permanent make-up artist!

Since then I’ve completed numerous high-end trainings, took master classes from the worlds best international trainers which allowed me to grow, gain knowledge and experience. It’s my priority to be up to date and ahead of the curve knowing the newest techniques, that will allow me to provide top quality treatments, treatments that my clients deserve.  Anything else then maximum results is unacceptable.


Regardless of my young age, I had the honor to be invited as a speaker at an International Permanent Make-Up Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2016. I’m proud to say that the same year I was the first Hungarian artist to speak at the Permanent Make-up World Conference in Amsterdam. In 2017 I got to attend the Permanent Make-up World Conference China Edition and held a masterclass in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2018 I became the chief trainer of Nouveau Contour in The Middle East area.  My goal is to attend more of these worldwide events where I can share my knowledge with fellow technicians.



My signature treatments:


  • 50 shades of Nay

  • Eyeshadow Variations



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