Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Anastasiya Roganova always showed interest in art, even after years of training in a medical college and practice in the dentist’s office, she finally revealed her full potential in the art of permanent make-up. So there was the birth of “STAR”, which name is in fact an acronym from the title in Russian “Anastasiya Roganova`s PMU studio”.



Working hard for years Anastasiya developed an impeccable taste and a sense of color that helped her to create unique techniques that combine not only an artistic vision, but also exact sciences – the “STARDUST”.



“Ombre”, “Pixel brows”, “Nano-brows” and many more, those are the names you can meet in industry representing, basically, the PMU technique for soft and natural brows, which will last for 1 – 1.5 years, add volume and thickness to clients eyebrows and the colour will not mutate into something different due to the short time of pigment locating in the skin. “STARDUST” is one of those techniques, but with very important features, that make it unique.


She will also be performing PitchBlack Liner.

We also have a lot of pictures from Anastasiya working and teaching. And also video of STARDUST technique. Please check her out Instagram!


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