Returning on February 8-11, 2019 for a third year, the Nouveau Contour USA Conference is now rebranded as the"Power In Permanent Beauty 2019” Conference – created to help our beautiful & increasing family of professional technicians add onto their skillset. Whether starting out new or established in the industry; this is the conference for you! A successful career in our industry is not just earned overnight, it takes a lot of hard work, support, commitment, ongoing education, quality products and YOU! Here at Nouveau Contour, we listen to our technician’s request and act. That said, this conference is a "Feel Good, Look Good, & Do Good Work" type of event as our goal is to help guests discover how to maintain & grow a successful business in this incredible industry of amazing professionals!


This 2-4 day intense, yet exhilarating experience will offer you the opportunity to learn the newest techniques on micropigmentation, microblading, and industry related marketing & motivational tactics. Network with other professional technicians, all while learning how to implement the latest developments in our ever-growing and changing the industry. We pride ourselves with the fact that this will be a “FIRST OF ITS KIND” Conference. We have partnered with Vicky Martin as our Master of Ceremonies. Vicky’s promise to our guest is to make your time at the conference so unbelievably motivational and uplifting that YOU will leave here feeling “UNSTOPPABLE”, in whatever you decide to put your mind to! Vicky states: “Whatever your limits are, we can bring them down, and build you up into the person you were born to be.!”  




Start your memorable EXPERIENCE with us by attending the all new & fun welcoming party hosted just for YOU, included in all ticket packages! Then, continue your journey by attending 2 full conference days of UNFORGETTABLE information! Finally, maximize your stay by attending a VIP Experience in a small classroom setting with a leading international expert & topic of choice (limited to a small group/First come first serve)!



Our promise to you, successfully enhance your business, techniques, mindset AND GROW with the leading brand in the industry! All while networking with some remarkable, technicians, speakers, established vendors, and exclusive guests!  We don't host this annual event to make a profit; we host it to help our professionals continue their journey onto SUCCESS. 


Your development as a professional is important for the success of your career or business. Therefore, attending the Power in Permanent Beauty Conference will provide you with an amazing advantage in the latest developments of micropigmentation or microblading and is guaranteed to spark your enthusiasm. Leading international and national Micropigmentation experts will give live demonstrations from which you can create your own personalized conference program with topics that interest you. Should you not want to sit in on a topic: “No worries” we have got you covered, mingle with our “FEEL GOOD”vendors, experience Nouveau or simply relax at our designated areas exclusively blocked off for our guests!



Our sponsors have been exclusively selected to attend our conference at no additional cost to you. From permanent makeup organizations, insurance companies, marketing companies, software companies, including our sister skincare company. These vendors are there to assist you with services that enhance your business experience & set you apart in the industry.  We all share one common goal and it's to “FEEL GOOD” about your investment, career decisions, and services that you provide to your customers! The Vendors will be present both days of the conference so that guests can visit their booths at leisure.


Questions about Nouveau? How to use a specific machine, color, needle? At the Nouveau Experience Center, we will have Nouveau Instructors & Specialists standing by to help you with all your questions, comments or concerns. The Experience Center will be open both days of the conference so that guests can visit the center at their leisure.



The Conference will be hosted in Orlando, Florida at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando. New and returning guests will have the opportunity to experience a few of the things offered at the conference last year in Orlando, plus more for a bigger, better and beautiful experience! Our concept was adopted from The Permanent Makeup World Conference (PMU World Conference), which is a non-brand related, independent event created by Nouveau Contour Official in The Netherlands. The international conference is coming up on its 7th Edition and has been successful for permanent makeup specialists worldwide ever since its inception.



Lastly, we wanted to thank everyone who attended our conference last year and will be offering 10% off to returning attendees as well as our Nouveau Contour USA Academy Alumni – call your Nouveau Specialist at 877.628.7201 for more information on this deal. 




To enhance your professionalism and dependability as a permanent makeup technician, you will receive a certificate of participation that shows your customers and potential clients that you are up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry. For those attending VIP Training, you will receive a certificate of completion based on your desired technique.

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